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Amanda Bryan-Gomm uses her Master’s degree in Book Publishing from Portland State University, her experience as a web designer, and passion for technology to help publishers and authors understand the opportunities and pitfalls of digital publishing. She is an avid reader, ardent sci-fi fan, a classically trained bassoonist, and an all-around nerdy girl. Amanda’s specialty is combining a dedication to accessibility, an eye for technical perfection, and the aesthetic drive to push the boundaries of technology to achieve the most beautiful and readable project possible. To reach her directly email her at [email protected]

Digital Bindery llc., a Portland, Oregon based company, was started to address the growing reader frustration with low quality ebook conversions. Digital Bindery has focused their work in providing publishers and independent authors, the resources and skills they need to address the needs of their consumers. Digital Bindery provides high quality, personalized, digital conversion services with particular attention to emerging digital standards, optimizing text for digital display, and creating a seamless immersive experience for readers. As relationships with our customers developed, we learned that there were many creative publishers who had fun and amazing ideas to incorporate technology into their marketing strategy and catalog of offerings. The biggest obstacle to delivering these products was the inability to hire qualified and knowledgeable people, and maintain their own digital department. We fill this need by working with publishers as their digital publishing partner to provide ebook conversions, immersive product websites, and multimedia-enhanced ebooks. Digital Bindery is constantly seeking to expand our offerings to meet the needs of the publishing community. We now offer web development, consulting, digital distribution, and digital supplemental materials in addition to our artisan ebook conversion services.