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Dodging the Ebook Small Cap Bullettest

Small caps have been a source of concern for ebook designers for a long time. They are an essential part of the typographical lexicon, but due to system constraints, small caps may fail to display Continue Reading >>

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So Many Quirks, So Little Timetest

O’Reilly Media’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference is right around the corner (register here if you haven’t yet, and use the code AFFILIATEAG to save $350 on registration), and just like last year Tom Continue Reading >>

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Thoughts on nine months of producing 3pub filestest

With Hachette’s recent announcement that they’re committed to going all-epub 3.0 by next March and the buzz surrounding iBooks 3.0 (which offers some slightly extended support of epub 3.0), there’s been a lot of interest Continue Reading >>

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Digital Context: Finding your book’s communitytest

One of the greatest advantages of digital publishing is the ability to reach out beyond the boundaries of the book—to expand readers’s experience by providing opportunities for them to learn more about any of the Continue Reading >>

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What’s the difference between Ebook Conversion and Ebook Design?test

Ebook conversion is the process of converting your designed and print-ready manuscript into an ebook. Good ebook conversion focuses on creating a consistent reading experience across all reading platforms and attempts to mimic the print Continue Reading >>

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Why do I need someone to digitally design an ebook?test

Do readers care about ebook design? Publishers, already stretched thin by the demands of today’s economy, have had to answer no to this question and rush to bring their backlist to the ebook market as Continue Reading >>

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What books make good ebooks?test

The short answer is all books make good ebooks. Simple text is the easiest to convert into an ebook format, though this does not mean that more complex manuscripts should not be converted. Image-heavy books and books Continue Reading >>

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Ebook, epub, ereader, what’s the difference?test

An ebook is long form text (book) that has been digitized and optimized to be read on an electronic device. Of course, this definition is open to change as we redefine ‘reading’ for the twenty-first Continue Reading >>

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Why do I need more than one type of ebook?test

Most ereaders can read the open source epub format. These include the Nook, Kobo reader, Sony Reader, iPad, and Adobe Digital Editions. The Amazon Kindle can only read the proprietary Amazon formats mobi and kf8. Continue Reading >>

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Can I put audio or video into my ebook?test

Adding audio, video, or both to a book is now possible. Readers using Apple’s iPad, an Android Tablet, the Nook Color, or any desktop or laptop computer can take advantage of the multimedia experience. Amazon Continue Reading >>

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