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So Many Quirks, So Little Timetest

O’Reilly Media’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference is right around the corner (register here if you haven’t yet, and use the code AFFILIATEAG to save $350 on registration), and just like last year Tom Continue Reading >>

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Why do I need more than one type of ebook?test

Most ereaders can read the open source epub format. These include the Nook, Kobo reader, Sony Reader, iPad, and Adobe Digital Editions. The Amazon Kindle can only read the proprietary Amazon formats mobi and kf8. Continue Reading >>

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I already have an epub file; can you look at it and tell me if it’s okay?test

We can certainly have a look at your preexisting epub or mobi file and tell you if it’s up to our standards of quality. We’ll prepare a report for you listing the things that we Continue Reading >>

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ISBNs and ebookstest

There’s a lot of information on the web about the use of ISBNs in ebooks. Much of the time, it seems as though there are more people with questions than there are with answers. Since Continue Reading >>

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InDesign to EPUB Tipstest

Publishers can make ebook conversion a fairly painless experience with tools that they’re already familiar with using. InDesign (at least the CS3 and higher versions) has a built-in export tool in the File menu, called Continue Reading >>

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