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What books make good ebooks?test

The short answer is all books make good ebooks. Simple text is the easiest to convert into an ebook format, though this does not mean that more complex manuscripts should not be converted. Image-heavy books and books Continue Reading >>

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What storytelling formats are ebooks better suited for?test

Non-linear Stories One of the most challenging formats for digital storytelling is the non-linear story. Similar to an interactive story that allows the reader to choose their own path through the text, non-linear stories are Continue Reading >>

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I’m in the planning stages of a really innovative ebook-based project. Can you give me advice?test

We’re always excited about projects that push on the boundaries of “book.” By all means, get in touch and tell us about your project. We’ll sit down with you and talk about what’s possible and Continue Reading >>

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Story Telling in the Digital Age: Interactive Storiestest

Interactive story telling can be an immersive and exciting experience for readers. You may recall reading some interactive stories as a child—the Choose Your Own Adventure series invited readers to become a character and participate in the Continue Reading >>

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Story Telling in the Digital Age: Serial Literaturetest

Serial literature—stories told in a series of installments—has been around as long as story telling has. Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Stephen King have employed the serial format to tell a larger story Continue Reading >>

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