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At Digital Bindery our goal is to meld the new features of ever-changing technology with the consistent design theories and time-tested principles of traditional publishing. To that end we offer Ebook Design Services. Ideal for publishers ready to take the next step into true digital publishing with concurrent physical and digital design or even those testing the e-only waters. Our ebook design services mirror the traditional design model in many respects, yet begin with a digital canvas. Instead of “converting” a print book by attempting to mimic the print production, Ebook Design takes into account the possibilities of digital design to take full advantage of digital publishing opportunities while keeping a flawless reader experience at the heart of every choice.

  • What’s the difference between Ebook Conversion and Ebook Design?

Ebook conversion is the process of converting your designed and print-ready manuscript into an ebook. Good ebook conversion focuses on creating a consistent reading experience across all reading platforms and attempts to mimic the print brand.

Ebook design starts with an undesigned manuscript. Instead of trying to emulate its print brother, a digitally designed ebook emphasizes styles and fonts intended for use on screen. Problems that often come up during an ebook conversion can be avoided and the entire ebook can be designed with accessibility, readability, and a beautiful digital aesthetic in mind.


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