So Many Quirks, So Little Time

O’Reilly Media’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference is right around the corner (register here if you haven’t yet, and use the code AFFILIATEAG to save $350 on registration), and just like last year Tom and Amanda will be going out to New York to speak about ebooks in general and epub in particular. This year’s talk won’t be the three-and-a-half hour tour though the guts of epub 3.0 that we gave last year; the topic this year is Open Standards in the Walled Garden. We’ll be looking at how epub is faring in the different ebook ecosystems, and particularly at what to do when an ebook that looks great on one reading system looks horrible on another. We’ve got a big list of quirks that we want to talk about, but we’ve only got 45 minutes to do it. If you’re going to be at Tools of Change (and it’s definitely well worth it if you’re even remotely interested in digital publishing), which of these subjects would you be most interested in hearing about? If you can’t make it to New York next month, feel free to let us know what you’ve had the most frustrations with anyway; we’re always happy to share our tips and tricks!