What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a way of boosting your website traffic by increasing your search engine ranking. Often the technical aspects of how to use keywords or manipulate meta-data can be intimidating. We offer search engine optimization services as part of our social media packages and our web design services.

This service requires that we have administrative access to the back end of your website. If you choose Digital Bindery’s SEO package, we will add any additional code that may be necessary to track your web traffic and add tools for you to easily maintain your search engine rankings. We will register your website with various search engines and provide a site map to encourage their algorithms to thoroughly track your site. We will update your meta-data, make changes to any unnecessarily complicated links, and recommend changes in content that will increase your traffic without altering the tone or message of your website. We will not change visible content without your explicit permission unless you ask us to do so.